YOLT Australian posters


Australian cinemas had two main styles of posters for the release of YOLT, one (above) was a version very similar to the U.S. One Sheets in its artwork that was by Robert McGinnis and Frank McCarthy, it featured the Australian viewer recommendation of "Not Suitable for Children".


Also widely seen is the usual Litho-style day-bill poster (centre), which featured larger print size for the film's title and Star Sean Connery. 

In 1981 You Only Live Twice was re-released to cinemas and the classic looking day bill poster on the left was used. Interestingly this example featured the "Not suitable for Children" rating as opposed to the NRC rating of 1981, it is said that this was an error during printing as the poster was copied from the original one sheet


Casino Royale

Daniel Craig made his mark on Australian audiences in 2006 with his debut Bond film, Casino Royale. The film debuted at the Australian Box office on the 7th of December,  with the Premiere on Monday the 4th at Sydney's State Theatre. Daniel Craig, Bond girl Caterina Murino and director Martin Campbell were in attendance. Our man James was outside the theatre in amongst the expectant Bond fans waiting for the new 007 to arrive and we were not disappointed - Daniel was charming, endearing and pleasure to meet. Stopping for multiple photos taken mainly on people's digital still cameras rather than today's smart phones (he had and still has the whole process down pat). We managed to shake his hand, obtain an autograph on a copy of the CR poster as well chat football (soccer) of all things, whilst he continued to sign things for his adoring fans.

Box office takings

$25.3m (Aud)