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Principal photography came to an end for NO TIME TO DIE, the 25th Bond outing finished with a night time shoot at Pinewood Studios on the Cuban set. Official social media channels as well as Director Cary Fukunaga confirmed the completion of the 184 day shoot, which now heads to post production with the rumored possibility that there have been three separate endings filmed, with the conclusion to be kept a secret. In other NTTD news, Empire Magazine launched the first official still from the film, with a bloodied Daniel Craig being shown, the photo Is certainly a teaser for their 2020 preview magazine to launch soon. Click on image below to read full story

No Time to Die teaser poster

The teaser poster for NO TIME TO DIE was released on Global James Bond Day. The Greg Williams photographed poster was expected alongside a teaser trailer by many within the Bond community. However this visual was all that was revealed. The OVERALL REACTIONS have been negative to what many describe as a lazy and uninspired effort from the Eon marketing team. It features an unarmed James Bond, a hint of an exotic locale (Cuba), a tux and a blurred glimpse of his Omega watch. But it is simply not very good, an extremely lacklustre attempt of a poster, particulary given we have had so many classic and brilliant ones in the past during the 25 film series We can only hope that the full theatrical

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