On Location with Love

Bond Locations 2017

In July and August of 2017, our Chief Editor James travelled to Europe and the UK on holiday, during this holiday various Bond locations were sought after and located, ones that he had not as yet ventured to. This trip took in certain locations in Paris, London and Amsterdam.  During this trip he combined his love of Sport attending The Tour de France and World Athletics Championships with his undeniable and everlasting passion for Bond. Enjoy.

Paris, France

📍The opening shot post title sequence in 1965's Thunderball is of Emilio Largo crossing the street to attend the famous Spectre meeting. The address; 35 Avenue d'Eylau, Paris, France. A short walk from Trocadero metro station and with a wonderful view of the Eiffel Tower this is a must for all Bond fans whilst in the French capital, unfortunately Blofeld wasn't in

Pont Alexandre III where Roger Moore's 007 jumped off in pursuit of May Day, a beautiful bridge across the Seine

Centre International d'assistance aux Personnes Déplacées

Chateau d'anet, Anet, France📍

My favourite Bond location ever visited was again from the classic that is Thunderball, this time I visited the beautiful Château featured in the jet packed Pre-titles sequence where 007 attends the supposed funeral of Colonel Bouvar, a suspecting 007 executing the situation perfectly, being chased down he exits the scene by Jet Pack which has become an iconic image of the Bond series.


The Château itself is located west of Paris in the quaint village of Anet. It is easiest accessed by car, but also by Train from Paris to Dreux and then either Taxi/ Uber or bus.


We would recommend driving as it took a huge chunk of the day by public transport but it was worth every cent! I Took a lot of pleasure out of educating the local taxi driver, who had driven a taxi in the area for 10 years and did not even know that the film was filmed there.


The Château has a wonderful tour which we would highly recommend as you get to see inside of the Château and the beautifully decorated interior where Sean Connery fights Bouvar and the superb marble staircase that is also featured in the sequence. 


The site is open most days 2pm-6pm. Unfortunately inside the Château photography is prohibited.

Chateau d'Anet built between 1547 and 1552

EON House, London

First place I visited in London was the home of James Bond's Production company EON. The London HQ (Eon House) is located at 138 Piccadilly. It was worth the visit to see the famous plaque and the building where all the Bond movie magic is decided upon. It was interesting to see a man fitting the description of rumoured Bond 25 director hopeful Yann Demange exit the building and being collected in a dark tinted windowed van. Around the corner from EON is Les Ambassadeurs Casino, on Hamilton Place, The Casino is the one that the set for Bond's baccarat scene with Sylvia Trench in Dr. No where Sean Connery introduces himself as James Bond was set in, the scene was shot on a soundstage however  

EON House, 138 Piccadilly, London

Brent Cross Shopping Centre, London

It felt quite fitting to visit the very carpark that was used in 1997's 'Tomorrow Never Dies', considering its 20th Anniversary is later this year.

The terrific "Atlantic Hotel garage" car chase sequence was filmed in part at Brent Cross Shopping Centre in London, again one morning we took a double decker bus ride to the location, and visited Level four of the carpark.

Famously the fire brigade had to be called out during filming after the stunts produced a little more smoke than anticipated.

BMW 750 on display at Bond in Motion, London. 

Jubilee Line Train, London

When Bond locations find you instead of you finding them it is a very good day. Whilst in London I had been keeping an eye out for this particular set of Tube carriages of the Jubilee Line as it was the line I used daily.


Funnily enough after spending two nights in a row sitting at a station for half an hour or so each night practically train-spotting to no avail.


Then the following morning the very first train caught into Central London, the sequence of carriage numbers looked familiar at each station changing carriages until. I found an exact match of a carriage number, this was it! 

The exact set that featured in SKYFALL when Bond is in pursuit of Silva. had found Me.

The find was so important that it changed what I had planned for the whole day, instead of going to the Museum of Natural History I ended up all the way out at Canary Wharf (can't imagine what I went to see next?)


The production utilised this train on a supposed District line service from "Temple" station, filmed at a closed off section of Charing Cross. Please excuse my poor reenactment shot of one of the screenshots.

For the trainspotters out there, Carriage numbers 96069, 96469, 96669, 96269, 96424, 96224 are what Feature in this sequence, with 96069 the lead car that Bond jumps onto and enters the train from

This has to be one of my favourite Bond location finds thus far.

Bond Costume designer Jany Temime commented on our Instagram post "I dressed all the 200 extras in neutral colour (grey, beige, brown) and the small colour features of the train (yellow, red) became very visible."

"Health & Safety, Carry on"

Room 34 and Trinity Square, London

One of the most popular Bond locations now to visit is the the Painting that featured in Skyfall, where Bond is first introduced to his new Quartermaster. 


'The Fighting Temeraire' by Joseph Turner or most famously now known as 'Bloody big ship' hangs in Room 34 of the National Gallery, Trafalgar Square.

In the same gallery you can also spot other works that feature in scene "Mr & Mrs William Hallett" by Thomas Gainsborough as well as "Rain, Steam and Speed" also by Turner.

Another location we visited from the film was Trinity Square where Bond runs along the fence to stop Silva attacking the inquiry meeting which is held at 10 Trinity Square. Earlier, M had met with Mallory in his office, you can easily access this location from Tower Hill tube station and also take in a nice view of The Tower of London and parts of the London Skyline

Have to admit to having a little jog along the same pavement that Craig sprinted along

"A Bloody Big Ship"

Number 1 Stanley Crescent, London

Moving on to a few Spectre Locations in London, we firstly ventured across London to Notting Hill. The location this time was the very building that was used for Bond's apartment. 1 Stanley Crescent. 

Spectre was the first time viewers have seen Bond's living quarters since Live & Let Die, which is not a coincidence with the 1973 Bond film being a favourite of director Sam Mendes.

I walked down from Ladbroke Grove tube but it is also a nice walk from Notting Hill Gate, it is also near the famous markets of Portobello Road.


Prints & Rarities

Across the road from Trafalgar Square is a street called Spring Gardens (right near Admiralty Arch) where you can see where the Mi6 safehouse from Spectre, "Hildebrand Prints & Rarities" exterior is located.


From there you also have a view of The Malaysia House which was used as exterior of Universal Exports in The Living Daylights.

Sadly on this visit the remaining part of Spring Gardens where Madeline Swann walks down before being abducted was covered by scaffolding.

007 wasnt home

The location where 007 and M's car is rammed with Bond being kidnapped by Blofeld's men is Castle Baynard St, a short walk down from St. Paul's Cathedral and can actually be accessed across the road from the College of Arms (OHMSS) where you can walk down the same subway used by M to escape and where he joins up with Moneypenny, Tanner & Q. The location itself is safe to visit as it is a cycle way tunnel, a definite must if in London. 

Castle Baynard Street, London

"Orbis non sufficit"

Other London locations visited


It's only taken four visits to London to get to see this place, looks a bit better than it did in the last Bond outings 

Unfortunately on this trip time limited myself to being only able to locate one section of the terrific pre-title sequence Q-Boat chase from 'The World is not Enough'.

The part chosen to locate was 

Ornamental Canal where Bond races by in the Q-Boat, splashing the two clamping policemen in the curve. Which has always been a favourite scene.

It is a short walk from Shadwell DLR station, next visit to London more time will be needed to see other locations from the Boat chase.

Whilst there you walk along the canal where Bond goes along until he goes through the canoe shed onto the road


From what we think is the best modern time James Bond film, GoldenEye.


James went to visit the Greek Orthodox Cathedral that was used for the Interiors for "Our Lady of Smolensk".


The Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Divine Wisdom is located on Moscow Road, London, again travelling by tube, walking from Bayswater tube station. 

Sadly on this occasion the Cathedral doors were closed.


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

How can any Bond fan go to Amsterdam without seeking out two of the locations from 1971's 'Diamonds are Forever', The first location is the famous 'Skinny Bridge', where Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd stand as well as where Mrs Whistler's body is pulled from the river a s a canal boat cruises by.

The second site visited was Tiffany Case's residence, which is at 36 Keizersgracht, Grachtengordel-Zuid. Sean Connery drove up to the house and parked in front as well as going up the stairs (may have re-enacted that bit) he also famously pretended to be embraced when hiding from a passing Peter Franks.

The Skinny Bridge

Filming of the Amsterdam scenes took only one day across both locations

Searching for Bond locations is becoming a very popular pastime for Bond fans to do whilst on holiday and we can highly recommend it, we hope you have enjoyed a look at the locations James visited this year, as stated before some more prominent locations were not featured as he had already been to these on previous occasions, the thrill of finding locations and seeing how different or similar they appear on screen is fascinating and being in the same location as your heroes filmed some of your favourite motion pictures is pure fun. We would recommend checking out http://locations.thebondbulletin.com to help you find certain locations.