Actress, Dancer and Model - Pip Phillips @piptings_ who starred as the

main model/ dancer in the Title sequence of SPECTRE 

Thanks for joining us Pip, 

Firstly, what was it like to have been chosen as a dancer for the

title sequence in Spectre?

I was shocked to be honest. I never thought that I would ever be chosen

for the title sequence.

When I got the call from my agent I couldn’t believe it, I almost cried.

What was the duration of filming of the scenes you were in? 

In the end I think I did 3 days filming. One day at Warner Bros Studios,

One day at Pinewood and another at Black Island Studios. It involved a lot

of dancing and movement, some aerial work and I was lucky enough to get

a chance to meet and film with Daniel Craig.

We can see what scenes you were in from your Instagram,

were you in any other parts of the titles?

You can see me through the title sequence. Anything from a hand, a silhouette falling, dancing, Lea Seydoux's body double and at the end with Daniel Craig. However there where others that where used as well.

What was Daniel Kleinmann like as a director? He is well renowned in the Bond world due to his work on a lot of the modern Bonds.

Working with Daniel Kleinman was an absolute honour. He has a real vision and is so easy to work with. It’s difficult as a dancer as we had to film a lot of it semi naked but he and his team made me feel comfortable, which really makes a difference. I was happy to be invited back so many times to work on it.

What was Daniel Craig like to work with? 

Daniel Craig is as charming and cheeky as he seems. I only got to work with him for half a day but he was passionate about this film and really wanted an input in the whole thing.

Was Sam Mendes involved at all?

Sam Mendes was involved but behind the scenes. I was not lucky enough to personally meet him but I know he worked closely with Daniel Kleinman on the whole project.

What did you think of the overall film? Are you a fan? And if so who is your favourite 007? Possibly Daniel?

I am a James Bond fan. My dad brought me up with the movies so I am very fond of them. When I was growing up Pierce Brosnan was the main James Bond, so I think he will always have something. However I think Daniel brings something more to the role, his gritty more real approach makes him a fantastic James Bond. As for ‘Spectre’ I think they really went all out with this film, the locations, the gadgets. And of course the fantastic title sequence haha.

We see you have done a few short films, music videos and commercials, by far Spectre would have been the biggest credit to date?

Spectre is so far my biggest credit to date. I have been busy working on smaller but exciting projects but one day I hope for bigger and better roles. Maybe even to be a true Bond Girl myself.

Where and when did you study acting, dance etc, and what do you enjoy the most? 

I have been acting and dancing all my life. Youth theatre, college, touring with dance companies. I never went to Drama School to study. When I was 17 I got scouted for modelling, which is where it all began. Modelling has done so much for me and got me so many oppertunities. Through this I have managed to get an acting agency and we shall see what will happen next for me.

Do you hold any major aspirations for your career?

My main career aspiration is to establish myself as an actress. There are so many things I would love to do. Directors and actors I would love to work with.

How many actors/ dancers were involved in the title sequence?

There where quite a few people working on the title sequence, a few dancers, doubles and a handful of extras. Working over a period of a month or so to create Spectres beautifully gothic title sequence.

When you appear next to the bare chested Daniel Craig is that only you with him and just post edited mirrored as two?

At the end of the title sequence I do appear next to Daniel Craig, on both sides of him. I was lucky enough to film with Daniel Craig on this scene. However they did mirror me in the edit to appear on both sides. I have to admit, it wasn’t a bad day in the office.

Some big names in your next film "Knights of the Round table" including a possible future 007 director in Guy Ritchie, have you filmed yet and/or finished? Have you enjoyed the experience and what's next?

I have finished filming on King Arthur. I finished at the end of summer. I really enjoyed the experience, being on a big set just feels like home but I throughly enjoyed my time on set. 
I have a few small things coming out next year, including some big commercials and print campaigns but that is all I can say.

Thankyou so much for joining us Pip

If you'd like to follow Pip, she is on both Instagram and Twitter @piptings_

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Q&A with Alessandro Cremona 

Q: Who is your favourite 007 actor?
A: My favourite 007 actor is Connery

Q: what is your favourite 007 film?
A: favourite Bond film is Casino Royale

Q: Do you have a favourite Bond song?
A: favourite Bond song is Adele (Skyfall)

Q: what is your first memory of James Bond?
A: my first memory is Casino Royale

Q: as a member of Spectre yourself, do you have a favourite Bond villain?
A: my favourite 007 villain in Spectre is Dave Bautista 

Q: you've had two films with Monica Bellucci during your career, did you have anything to do with her during Spectre?
A: not during filming, but I did meet her at the Premiere in Rome

Q: How long did the filming take for the scenes you were involved in?
A: I was involved for forty two days for working on Spectre

Q: Would you like to see Daniel Craig return as 007?
A: I hope we see another movie with Daniel Craig

Q: Many famous Italian actors and actresses have had parts in Bond films over the years, as an actor were there any you looked up to or admired? (Especially Bond girls?)
A: I admired Adolfo Celi, he was a very interesting villain and I loved Ursula Andress

Q: What was Sam Mendes like to work with?
A: Mendes is an extraordinary director

Q: How much of the action were you involved in?
A: I did all the action scenes 

Q: Did you have to do any physical preparation for the part, given all the running etc?
A: I did a big training for fighting, it was very dangerous but enjoyable to play

Q: How does it feel to know that you played a major role in the most epic of openings seen in a Bond film?
A: I'am very proud to have been in Spectre  

Q: The final and most important question, did you get to keep the Spectre ring?
A: Yes! I have the original on my finger everyday, it's a present from Barbara Broccoli

Brigitte Millar


Hi there, thanks for your kind words, I really appreciate it.

Q1: How long did it take to shoot the Spectre meeting scene? Including rehearsals.

It took four days to shoot the boardroom scene.

Q2: What was it like having Christoph Waltz on set? 

Chistoph Waltz is such a kind actor and so generous, a real gentleman, I loved working with him

Q3: We understand you speak many European languages? What others do you speak?

I am bilingual German/English and am also proficient in French, and some basic Russian

Q4: Besides acting, what other training have you had (voice, dance, stage combat, etc.)? We understand you contemplated dance at one stage?

Yes after my redundancy I wanted to do ballroom and Latin but the course was full, so my brother suggested I try acting..I reluctantly agreed and the rest as they say is history


Q5: How do you compare the two series of James Bond and Harry Potter seeing you have acted in both?

Both Harry Potter and Bond are amazing, to be a part of these two franchises is an honour and a great pleasure. I had the most amazing time on set and everybody was making me feel welcome.

Q6: Do you feel that Dr Vogel may return in future Bond's?

It would be great for her to return and go after James herself, she is the kind of woman, who will do whatever it takes to get to the top. Fingers crossed.

Q7: We love the whole Spectre meeting scene, how impressive was the set sitting there as an actor?

Yes the hall where we were shooting was huge and it was very intimidating, which is what they had intended

Q8: How does it feel to be now part of a strong legacy of female Spectre villains? Alongside Irma Bunt and Rosa Klebb

It is very flattering to be put in the same category with Irma Bunt and Rosa Klebb, I'm sure I' m in "good company" as there are not that many female Bond villains..


Q9: What was Sam Mendes like to work with? 

I think Sam Mendes is an absolute genius and it was amazing to work with him

Brigitte, thankyou for your time

That's a pleasure, Best Brigitte