Bond 25 v Star Wars IX?

Daniel Craig famously had a cameo as a Stormtrooper in Star Wars Force Awakens

News that Disney & Lucasfilm are set to release 'Star Wars: Episode IX’ in late December 2019, could be seen as direct competitor to the box office of Bond 25, slated for a November release in most markets. We predict a November 14 release here in Australia.

Whilst the slightly encroaching release dates could be seen as having some affect on Bond 25’s total box office taking, it could be said it actually will have little if not any affect on how Daniel Craig’s “last” Bond film actually goes at the Box office, for this story we will look at the previous two films Australian Box office takings.

Skyfall being the most successful 007 of all time in Australia and globally where it was the first Billion dollar Bond. In fact Australia was the Sixth highest dollars Box office market for both Spectre and Skyfall.

Both films naturally opened as Number 1 in Australia, with Skyfall taking the stronger opening receipts. This would still be the case by the films end run, where it took home more than $49 million (USD) compared to Spectre’s $25 million (USD) in Australia.

However due to the release of one of the Hunger Game films Spectre fell significantly in the second period, falling by 50% compared to Skyfall which had a significantly easier 4 weeks at the box office, with only ‘Twilight; Breaking Dawn pt 2’ to compete with, it maintained Number 1 spot for 4 weeks compared to Spectre’s 1 week at the top of the Australian box office. Although it has been said that there are a lot of factors that contributed to slower box office of Spectre compared to Skyfall.

Australian Box office figures for Spectre & Skyfall

Both films in their fifth period fell tellingly when both Star Wars and The Hobbit opened with massive takings in their respective years of 2015 and 2012, whilst the Hobbit is no Star Wars this was still considerably serious competition to Skyfall, with cinemas bombarded with other films to compete with in the following weeks, films like ‘Life of Pi’, ‘Gangster Squad’’, ‘Les Mis’, ‘Wreck it Ralph’ and ‘Jack Reacher’ bombarded the market. Skyfall falling in its placing within the top 20 more significantly than Spectre. In fact the 2015 released film had a longer period at Australian cinemas.

In Australia like most parts of the world, Skyfall did indeed have a stronger following and respect from audiences overall (although a lot of Bond aficionados prefer Spectre), the word of mouth factor contributed a lot, overall it seemed audiences received the film more positively.

Sydney hosted Daniel Craig, Bond girl Berenice Marlohe and Naomie Harris at the Australian Premiere compared to only Premiere screenings in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane for Spectre, it is amazing the hype that is created throughout the media in Australia when the stars come to our shores. Sadly the Central American Premiere in Mexico City was at the same time. Attendees of the Premier screenings including us, were still treated to a video message from Producers Barbara Broccoli, Michael G. Wilson & Daniel Craig.

So looking forward, will Star Wars affect Bond 25? Not so much, in most markets 007 will have at least 6 weeks without the Galactic Goliath at the Cinema, in Australia it will more likely be 5 weeks. Although again It is expected that Bond 25 will compete in the earlier stages of the films release with the second Wonder Woman film, considering the first Wonder Woman film took $5 million (USD) less than Spectre in Australia and the fact that this is said to be Daniel Craig’s final outing as 007, what he describes as “going out on a high note”, it hopeful that Bond 25 will be somewhere in between Skyfall and Spectre in its Box office takings. But fans should be hopeful this film can be the second Billion dollar Bond film.

We are also hopeful for this one that Australia will once more get to see Daniel Craig, other cast members and Barbara Broccoli at the Australian Premiere like we have for all his previous outings with the exception of Spectre. We predict the Australian release date will be Thursday 14th November 2019, with the usual Advance Screenings the Wednesday evening before.


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