Britt Ekland Q&A

​Britt Ekland starred in 1974's 'The Man with the Golden Gun', Roger Moore's second outing as 007. The Swedish beauty played Agent Mary Goodnight alongside James Bond. Having grown up with the film being a personal favourite with Goodnight being a personal favourite Bond girl, it was a pleasure to hear back from Britt. We thank her for her time and insights.

What is your favourite James Bond film? (perhaps other than Man with the Golden Gun)

Dr. No as Ursula Andress in that film inspired me to be a Bond Girl, she showed that you could be sexy and feminine and still tough!

Can you recall what you enjoyed most of playing Mary Goodnight

I just enjoyed being on Location and being part of such a fabulous film and of course i loved playing opposite Roger More.

Travelling to Khao Phing Kan for filming was said to be difficult and dangerous, what are your memories of that time?

No i never felt any danger as long as you travelled with the tide, it was a very small island and all we did was running around with explosions going off. The interior was shot at Pinewood Studios.

On set there were a lot of explosions etc going off around you, it is said you handled it better than Roger Moore did at times? although having a slight injury (burn) on your bottom?

No, that is not true, no one handled stunts better than Roger but yes towards the end I was too slow and the explosion touched my bottom, Roger just grabbed me and got me going again, no retakes there!

In previous interviews you have alluded to talking to Cubby Broccoli previously about the part of Mary Goodnight, and that you had thought at one stage that you had lost out on the role to Maud Adams, How did you feel then and also when and how did you find out you actually had the part after all?

I had read Ian Flemings book and set up an appointment with Cubby Broccoli in his Mount str. office. to talk about Mary Goodnight but he said that the script would not necessary follow the book. I had to go back to LA to start another film and didn’t hear anything more from Cubby, when the film finished, i flew back to London and on the plane I read some english newspapers and it said swedish girl in new Bondfilm so, of course, i thought it was me but it said Maud Adams and i was gutted. When i arrived back to my apt. my agent called me and said Cubby wanted to see me and he gave me the script and said you are Mary Goodnight!

What are your most favourite and cherished memory/ memories of the late and Great Sir Roger Moore?

Everything about Roger was genuine, he was exactly the same charming, fun and sophisticated person on and off screen. He could also be very naughty and full of fun and it’s the happiest film i’ve ever worked on and Maud and I became best friends and still are today, 40 years later.

Roger Moore had nicknames for yourself and Maud, what were they? and why did he call you them?

He called us Burt and Mud, I have no idea why but it probably sounded funny.

Along with Roger, you also had the masterful Christopher Lee on set, what was he like to work with? he reportedly could speak Swedish?

I had already done The Wickerman with Christopher Lee so i knew him and his Danish wife Gitte. And yes Christopher was a very intelligent man and picked up Danish from his wife which is similar to swedish so Maud and I had to be careful what we said when he was around.

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