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SKYFALL IN CONCERT had its Australian Premiere this evening at the Sydney Opera House with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra conducted by Australian Nicholas Buc performing Thomas Newman's BAFTA winning score to the 2012 Bond outing.

It was fitting that the Premiere was tonight as it was the 007th Anniversary of the Film's Australian Cinema release. Earlier in the evening Sydney was blanketed with a thunderstorm, living up to the film's name.

With a terrific little introduction to the film and music from Mr. Buc, Nicholas Buc, the audience were captivated by the opening Turkey Pre-title sequence and the wonderful accompanying score, and then the orchestra excelled in bringing to life Adele's stirring theme Song.

The use of electronics within the score was apparent in various parts. At times throughout the performance however it felt the Drum kit was too disruptive and overpowering to the collective score. However the guitarists were superb in their handling of the James Bond theme, especially at the conclusion of the evening.

It must be said with this score, it was more evident than "Casino Royale in Concert", that the arrangement was made with a lot more adjustments for Live performance compared to the actual score, of which is understandable given the different style of score as described briefly in our interview with Conductor Nicholas Buc.

Right after intermission the audience were treated to a fantastic "Skyfall" suite by the orchestra leading into the 2nd act, For us Key highlights of the performance came within the second act with Soundtrack titles, "Tennyson", "Enquiry", "Breadcrumbs", "Welcome to Scotland" with "She's Mine" being the standout musically.

It was fantastic to be watching Skyfall again with a large audience, there is nothing better to hear and see a whole audiences reactions to certain scenes, dialogue or quips during a Bond film. The reveal of the Aston Martin db5 was as always a popular scene.

Overall, it was a terrific nights entertainment of a film brought to life by the well versed and excellent Sydney Symphony Orchestra. Those attending Saturday's Matinee and Evening Performance are in for a treat as are Melbourne audiences next year when the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra have their turn to showcase their talent in bringing Skyfall to life for audiences.

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