"Where is 007?" - No Time to Die trailer reviewed

After all this time, the long awaited trailer for NO TIME TO DIE was finally released early Thursday morning (AEST) on the 5th of December, for those who stayed up it was well worth it.

Like many Australian based fans, I went online to watch the stream of Good Morning America's Exclusive segment for the Trailer release, I watched it once. Completely shaken and stirred by it on the one viewing I had to jump up to tell the rest of the family how good it was before excitedly showing them on youtube.

Countless viewing's later, I was awaiting the receipt of the Official Australian/ New Zealand "Downunder" version with (CTC) certification to drop online before posting on Instagram and on our website. To be honest, I could not come to compose my words, It was that Bloody Great, far surpassing my high expectations.

Here is an attempt to surmise the trailer in its entirety with a bit of detail.

The establishing shot is of Bond and Madeleine Swann (scene in the last scene of Spectre) in Matera, Italy being chased in his Aston Martin db5, Bond very stern faced, he has dirt and blood over him, we see the Aston, number plated A 4269 00 swerve through the Piazza that was captured by so many on location during the September shoot.

Madeleine asks, "Why would I betray you?", to which Bond proclaims aggressively, "We all have our secrets, we just didn't get to yours yet!". We then see Bond standing in the middle of Ponte La Gravina being shot at and chased down from both ends, Spectre henchman Primo, played by Dali Benssalah. Bond then takes a giant leap of faith off the bridge to evade his pursuers, the impressive stunt being performed by Dave Grant, one of two stunt doubles for Daniel Craig used for the film.

Enter the famous Leo the Lion MGM logo, followed by the new kid on the block, Universal Pictures. this logo cleverly gets inverted to a shot of two men entering a building (most likely the discussed lab to kidnap scientist Waldo), with the terrific Ralph Fiennes providing a voiceover with the line, "The World is arming faster than we can respond", I think this sets the tone with the current state of affairs and the threat that will underplay the film. If you freeze the next frame just as the explosion is set off, you can see the hair style worn by Dali Benssalah's Primo, I would suggest this is the same filmed explosion that caused damage to the 007 stage earlier this year.

M asks, "Where is 007?", in a tone that harks back to Bernard Lee's M. He seems to have been well feed between films, although he looks a more like his usual self in productions stills, with his tie all out of place and sleeves rolled up, M is ready for business.

This is followed up by a beautiful shot of Bond's Spirit 45 yacht (not to be confused by the Spirit Yacht 54 from Casino Royale) approaching his house in Jamaica, with the Red duster civil ensign raised at yacht's stern. This glorious looking scene was shot on day 2 of the Jamaican shoot. We see a very piercing and contemplative Bond with the voice over of the CIA's Felix Leiter, "I need a favour brother, you're the only one I trust for this" as we see both men at a bar.

The scene transitions upwards to reveal James wearing a Tan Ridgeline Supply Jacket, he removed a cover to unveil his stored Aston Martin V8 Vantage (our favourite Bond car of all time), the car last seen thirty-two years ago in "The Living Daylights", memoribally used by Timothy Dalton's 007. It is certainly great for Bond fans to witness the return of a favourite Bond vehicle after so long.

We then are introduced to Lashana Lynch's character Nomi, Who declares "The world has moved on Commander Bond", I feel we are going to have some great dialogue between these two fine actors throughout the film, especially with Pheobe Waller-Bridge having writing credits. Bond asks, "Are you a Double O?", Nomi sitting on a bed legs crossed replies, "Two years", followed by some terrific actions shot of Mi6's latest Double O including one brilliant one where she vanishes into darkness, its a perfect shot.

The sequence is interrupted by a shot of Bond walking along a road with an Aston Martin DBS Superleggra pulling alongside him driven by a rather confident Nomi, queue the now famous line from her, "So stay in your lane, you get in my way I will put a bullet in your knee', again some rapid fire action shots and back to Bond's house where Nomi brilliantly quips, "The one that works" .

Back to London, we catch a glimpse of Nomi, Bond and Moneypenny together, Nomi dressed in a neat Safari suit top, a great nod to the Late Roger Moore, Moneypenny expressing "I thought you two would get a long", clearly will and won't be the case throughout the film.

Up drives Bonds V8 B549 WUU into shot, followed by him getting out of the car and doing his suit jacket button up, with typical Bond gusto. He is comically asked for his name at Mi6 New digs, where he retorts the intro to kill all intro's, "Bond... James Bond", Daniel has very much slowed the pace down in his delivery of this line throughout his films, and for me this is probably the weakest part of the trailer. It just feels a little Johnny English Strikes Again for me, but its been popular amongst others, us Bond fans are a wide church.

"So you're not Dead", proclaims Q in the next cut, with Bond and Moneypenny entering Q's apartment (no sign of his beloved cats!), Q is not too impressed as James lets himself in, my my Naomie Harris looks luscious in this scene, a very cute and cheeky expression on her face.

We then get a familiar voiceover, "He's the most valuable asset this country has", Tanner describing the incarcerated Ernst Stavro Blofeld. We see his Hard drive file profile on screen with detail to the right, including his Prison location (HM Prison Wakefield in Yorkshire, although it seems the prison has been superimposed to look like its near London City Airport), along with his DOB of 1946, which would put him at 22 years older than Daniel Craig's James Bond.

A stellar silhouette shot follows, "If you feel you're going to loose control" says Tanner as him and Bond walk around a corner in a white corridor, Bond replies, "I'm not going to loose..." (a brief pause as he sees Nomi and more importantly Lea Seydoux's Madeleine Swann at the other end), he then finishes his sentence, "Control", we are treated to a great shot of Daniel's steely blue eyes with Tanner looking on as Bond sees Madeleine, for what we can assume is the first time for some time.

Craig and Christoph Waltz face off once again, with Bond seemingly standoffish. Blofeld handcuffed and within a small cage, "James you gave up everything for her... when her secret finds its way out, it will be the death of you" suggests the former head of Spectre. This line is accompanied by some terrific shots of Bond and Swann in Matera. When Blofeld discusses "her secret" our attention is brought to a phantom of the opera style white mask in a wooden box (this we all know is the one worn by Rami Malek's villain in the Norwegian scenes) along with a tearful Madeleine. Followed by brief dialogue between Swann and Bond.

And then, Wow, we are given a overhead shot of Rami Malek's mysterious Safin walking though a snow covered forest on his way to a house on a lake. We can clearly hear the voice of Malek in a terrific accent his voiceover articulates "James Bond, Licence to Kill, history of violence, I could be speaking to my own reflection", "only your skills die, mine will survive long after I'm gone". this quote is finished off terrifically with visual of Safin's deformed skin protruding, just after a shot of him on the ice overlooking someone beneath the water, it is very much the little girl that he chases down in the Norwegian lake scene.

This whole line is ushered in with some superb visuals, of Bond in the shadows, Bond firing his rifle off, Bond driving a 4WD being chased by a helicopter, (again DOP Linus Sandgren has used a terrific looking overhead shot) and then Bond and Primo squaring up in Matera (whilst Safin says "history of violence") and of course the creepy image of a figure (most likely Safin) behind glass in costume fully masked. We see a scene where Bond is centrally under light at what is suggested to be a Spectre party in Cuba, within frame you can see the returning Dr. Vogel played by Brigette Millar (read our interview with the actress from Spectre and No Time to Die, in our Spectre interviews page). We catch a quick first glimpse of Cuban beauty Ana de Armas.

We then are treated to possibly the most memorable quote of the trailer and possibly the film, 007 declaring "History isn't kind to men who play God". Daniel delivers that line so well it is too good. This followed with Safin turning his head to stare down his adversary with great menace. This shot is stupendous and Malek already excels at being a Modern day classic villain in my eyes. His look, his demeanor, its perfect. And then what can one say about the set design, something of which Ken Adam would be very proud of. From the first few glimpses of Mark Tildesley's production design, I will gladly say he will go on to win awards for this, unfortunately it will be too late for either next years Bafta's and Academy Awards which it is fitting of to take out.

The viewer is then treated to 12 seconds of some classic 007 trailer action including Bond firing his weapon, a four wheel drive being flipped into the air stunt, Bond in Jamaica with a spear gun (CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS SCENE!), Ana de Armas' Paloma firing off guns in Cuba, loving how badass she seems whilst doing it all in a beautiful evening gown accessorized by Chopard jewelry, an explosion of a trawler on the water with a seaplane taking off out of shot, we along with those on The James Bond Radio podcast believe this could see the demise of a beloved character and sees Bond effectively come out of retirement, we shall see.

And then the motorbike stunt that wowed people on location during filming that is set to do the same for audiences globally sees Bond riding a Triumph motorcycle leap into the air up a wall in Matera. The Stunt is epic enough for Bond and executed on film so well. This shot is closely followed by a shot that could easily come out of a Bond film from the sixties or seventies and has every Bond aficionados excited downstairs, the set design and more importantly the men in the red suits is so old school Bond it is not funny.

A quick shot of 007 in tuxedo and Nomi shooting off in Cuba, before the Aston Martin db5 steals the show.

King hit by another car the bruised and battered Aston goes into a spin, shot at from all angles, the windows clearly showing damage from the spray of bullets, remaining intact from a new upgrade of the car, We have a great visual of Bond looking out, he then hits a new control panel from Q Branch, the top button bringing out the "Guns", and with that many peoples highlight of this 2 and a half minute extravaganza two Gattling guns appear as Bond hits the accelerator to spin the car around in donuts to take out the enemy bandits.

This scene along with the rest of the Matera shoot we predict will form the pre-title sequence, it has too! We are then brought to the trailers conclusion with the clever reveal of the films title, NO TIME TO DIE, we have seen a lot of conjecture surrounding the type face used, however I think its a refreshing font and style and fits the title so well, personally I also like how its follows Skyfall and Spectre by not integrating the 007 into the title, and with that comes a brief warm up of the Bond theme, with Bond firing his weapon in a gun barrel inspired pose that most likely will not feature in the film and just filmed for trailer purposes.

I for one absolutely cannot speak more highly than for this trailer, it is the most perfect one since Casino Royale, looking back though Daniel Craig has had some excellent theatrical trailers for his outings, but this one is different it tells a story without telling too much, it features the villain along whilst re-introducing Blofeld (we always knew he'd be back) and reminding audiences of the Spectre story arc, continuing Bond and Swann's love story. But still feels very fresh and exciting.

I think the production team, Director Cary Fukunaga and the cast have done an absolute Stellar job in delivering a Fantastic looking 25th James Bond 007 installment and it will be worth the wait, bring on April next year.

In addition to the trailer, 24 hours previously Eon, MGM, United Artists and Universal Pictures released a set of six character posters

NO TIME TO DIE comes out in Australian Cinemas April 8

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